Thursday, 8 November 2012

You can go to ...

I saw that some rather fervently anti-Obama people had threatened to leave the US for some mythical nation in which their narrow view of the world would be more mainstream.  I’ve heard Australia and Canada mentioned.  I’ve also seen people from Australia and Canada vigorously deny that their nations are suitable candidates.  For example, both countries are bastions of homosexual tolerant, socialist leaning pro-choicers – and they are both plagued with rampant atheism.

In an effort to assist, and noting that two key issues for these people are right-to-life and institutional homophobia, I thought I might do a little research into which nations are most suitable for emigrating bigots.  I’ve found some which have banned both abortion and (at least male) homosexuality.  I’ve also provided figures for the proportion of each nation that is Christian.  For comparison purposes, the nation these people intend fleeing is nominally 78.4% Christian – nations with lower than this proportion are marked red.  Additionally, given that these fleeing bigots don’t like certain other religions (which I am too coy to mention directly), I’ve also indicated the proportion of Muslims in each nation (compare to current infestation representing 0.6% of the US population).

27% Christian
24% Muslim
83% Christian
11% Muslim
90% Christian
0.05% Muslim
32% Christian
17% Muslim
48% Christian
50% Muslim
5% Christian
94% Muslim
0.01% Christian
99+% Muslim
62% Christian
35% Muslim
29% Christian
20% Muslim
84% Christian
12% Muslim

(Note that slightly more than 50% of the Togolese have indigenous beliefs while slightly fewer than 50% of Mauritians are Hindu.)

For American “culture war” refugees, the nation which appears to be overwhelmingly the most attractive is Lesotho.  Unfortunately, Lesotho is a small landlocked nation which is poor but nevertheless a little bit socialist, having spent 7.6% of its GDP on health care in 2008 (compared with the virulently socialist 15.2% frittered away by the US Administration in 2008 – join the dots people).

For those who are incensed by such profligate misuse of the public purse, the most suitable haven (so long as they can put up with the relatively high numbers of Muslims and the whole being African thing) would have to be Kenya, with their 4.2% spending on Health.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

The country that seems to best suit this new wave of asylum seekers, those escaping the horror of four more years under an Obama-led government, may in fact be the country that Obama’s father came from.


  1. Just a thought, while Kenya may be a bit behind on some criteria (such as healthcare and human rights), it is not my intention to denigrate Kenya. I simply don't think that anyone so bigoted as to want to escape from the US because Obama got re-elected would feel at home in Kenya.

    So ... Kenyans, Ugandans and the people of Lesotho reading shouldn't need to worry about a flood of right-wing nut-jobs from the US.

  2. I've thought about that question myself - where might US right-wingers go to outside the US? Ideally, it would be an "Anglo" nation, one where much of the population speaks English as a first language and not just as a second one. The main non-US "Anglo" ones are the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. They'd consider those nations too socialist for their taste, I'm sure.

    They might like some of the Gulf States, like Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. No taxes, and many people speak English. But too many Muslims for their taste, I'm sure.


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