Monday, 13 January 2014

An Open Letter to the Keepers of the Creation Wiki


First off, let me be open.  I am not a creationist, nor even a theist.  However, it's come to my attention that your entry on Free Will has been hijacked by someone who, while virulently anti-atheist, is far from being a standard Christian creationist.

Nando Ronteltap, now known as Muhammad Nur Syamsu since his supposed conversion to Islam, has been pushing his bizarre variant of subjectivity theory in many different locations for quite some time.  He's attempted to edit the Free Will entries at:

WikiPedia (
Conservapedia (
AmeriWiki (
RationalWiki ( (
CreationWiki (
But he's only been successful at your wiki.  Check the history of the editing of the Free Will page by Syamsu.  Note that in 2012 there was a section on Biblical Interpretation and one on Creation, creatio-ex-nihilo - both of which have since been deleted.  There is currently one single mention of God on the page (two if you count God as "creator") and one mention of creation.

He's also been pushing his theory in other locations, where his supposed Islamism has come into question (by me at Philosophy Forums) and where he has been happy to attack "fellow" theists who don't toe his line:

Evolution Fairy Tale (
Philosophy Forums ( - multiple threads
Evolution Vs Creation Forum (
SciFi Forums (
Sam Harris Forum (
What you might notice when you read through this is that Syamsu almost never mentions god, nor seems particularly fussed about creationism.  In other words, he's using the fact that you've been kind to him and let him edit your page on Free Will, without having any real convictions in line with your beliefs.

So, as said, I am not a creationist, nor am I a theist.  But I don't particularly like people taking advantage of other people, and I have a thing about liars.  I implore you to take a closer look at your Free Will page and at its author, Syamsu.

Yours sincerely,

I got a response saying that it was being looked into, a short time after which Syamsu's changes were partially rolled back.  Noting that it was an incomplete roll-back, I sent off a second email.

I note that you have made some changes - but might have missed some of the roll-back, particularly this one -  The words prior to Syamsu's changes appear to be Jzyehoshua's.

I'm guessing that your use of the "subjectivity" and Syamsu's is different (given the word's use in the isochron dating article - "When you look at actual isochron plots such as the ones at the above source, there seems to be room for subjectivity".  Syamsu is arguing that subjectivity is good and we need it (which might be the case, I suppose) while you are using it to point to subjectivity as being a possible source of error - which is of course true, even though we may disagree on where the subjectivity is :)
Posted here in full in order to avoid claims that I have been underhanded. Gratifyingly enough, the founder of CreationWiki did act to remove the cancer of Syamsuianism from his site.

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