Monday, 15 October 2012

Something of gravity

I don't usually write short blog articles, or fire from the hip, but here goes.

I recently experienced a modest amount of interest in one of my physics related posts.  I'm quite happy with that, but one comment made has been bothering me a little.  I was driving home in my car today and it struck me what the issue was.

Here someone called supracedent complained that my article A Little Expansion on the Lightness of Fine Tuning was bollocks.  That's ok, it may well be bollocks.  Science is mostly bollocks, waiting for a better version of bollocks to be discovered.  The thing that was niggling at me was that when he clarified his complaint, he made this comment:

Spacetime curves according to gravity and acceleration. We know this because of the position of stars during an eclipse, modern experiments like gravity probe b, even GPS verifies it.

Hang on a minute.  Those are all General Relativity issues (because they are all gravity related, and hence acceleration related, effects).  In my equations, in all the articles about relativity type stuff, I've only been dealing with Special Relativity effects (purely uniform rectilinear relative motion, nothing fancy).  That's really unfair, supracedent!

Oh well.  I guess logical errors aren't the exclusive domain of apologists.

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